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My name is Donald Pincott and I would like to share with you the benefits of yoga and meditation. I have been practising yoga and meditation for 15 years. The practice has helped me to cope with and balance a busy life of high school teaching and fitness instruction as well as maintaining a committed relationship.

My hatha style yoga workshops and classes are designed for all levels of fitness ability. While doing physical movements in a yoga class we also work with the mind, emotions and spirit. My classes include yoga postures [asanas], breathing [pranayama], relaxation and meditation.  

I completed my first 350hr yoga teacher training with Yoga in Daily Life  in 2008. In 2016 I completed a 150 hour yoga teacher training update course with YIMI to fulfil a goal of upgrading my Yoga Australia registration to become a Level 2 Yoga Teacher. A further 350hr yoga teacher training with Viniyoga Australia was completed in 2018. Another 150hrs of study with Viniyoga Australia was completed in 2019 and I am now a Registered Senior Teacher. Detailed study of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, exposure to the tradition of Krishnamacharya, and wide reading of traditional and contemporary yoga literature informs my approach to teaching yoga. I am also a registered Fitness Instructor with Fitness Australia. I have travelled to India to study and to spend time in Ashrams as well undertaking regular silent retreats in Australia to maintain the authenticity of my own practice. 

I am deeply interested in the spiritual development of individuals through meditation and prayer. Meditation may be beneficial to you whatever cultural or religious background you are from. In 2015 I undertook training to become a certified .b mindfulness teacher with the UK based organisation Mindfulness in Schools. What a wonderful journey! Integral to my high school teaching job is the delivery of the .b program to year 8 students as well as a variety of mindfulness activities for both staff and students.

It is my firm belief that yoga and meditation provides people with a means to access their quiet inner space to discover and explore the peace and equanimity that resides deep within us each of us.

When we stretch and relax the body through physical practices we steady the breath which leads to the settling of the fluctuations of the mind – the real meaning of yoga.


Donald Pincott

Dip Sec Teaching [Art], B Ed Studies, BA, M Ed, M LI, MACE

Certified .b Trainer 

Registered with YOGA AUSTRALIA [Senior Teacher] and FITNESS AUSTRALIA



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