Bookings for Term 4 Yoga in the Gap are now open 

Term 4 Monday OCTOBER 11 until Monday NOVEMBER 29

Bookings are now open for the November Mini-Retreat 

- see "Events Page" for more details  


Last for 2021 is in November - all proceeds to the Parish

QUIET MORNING - Saturday 13th November

Please Rsvp direct to the Parish Office by Monday 8th November


The stimulus for this morning will be the Christian Mystic Hildegard von Bingen.


Hildegard of Bingen, also known as Saint Hildegard and the Sibyl of the Rhine, was a German Benedictine abbess and polymath active as a writer, composer, philosopher, mystic and visionary during the High Middle Ages. The rediscovery of her songs, writings and remarkable life and visions has proven an inspiration to many in our era. In 2012, Hildegard was canonized and named a Doctor of the Church by Pope Benedict XVI. Her liturgical feast is celebrated on September 17.

TIME : 8.30 am to 12.30 pm

VENUE : Old Bishopsbourne, St Francis College, Milton 

MORNING TEA : provided [please bring your own cup]

LUNCH : BYO after the closure of the morning

COST : $30 or $25 concessions [pensioners/students]

DIRECTIONS : Vehicle access between 25-29 Baroona Rd,  Milton with Parking available on site site

EXTENDED Practices and ZOOM meditations

I am guiding Extended Practices over the year by email and no-charge weeknight ZOOM meditations. Please see the "Events" page for details. 


Tools to deepen your Asana Practice and to explore the deeper aspects of Yoga through Meditation and other traditional practices. 

What participants are saying ...

Re Monday Night Yoga 2021

Great class last night, Don! The chataranga hurt but I have been wanting to increase my strength with this pose, so appreciated the option to do this last night. 

I also wanted to say as a general note that you are a very good teacher - you’re kind, funny, and transparent. There is no power dynamic at play, and I really like how much you encourage the class to be brave. I’m still working on my bravery in general, so I very much appreciate the support.  

Hope you had a restful school holidays. See you next week! 

Cheers N

Re Mini-Retreat Sunday 16 May 2021

Dear Don

I would just like to thank you so much for a wonderful class on Sunday. The time just flew! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole 3 hours. Please keep me informed on more of your mini retreats, I would very much like to attend. LH

Dear Don

Thanks very much for a great afternoon of Yoga and Meditation.   I did feel stretched both in mind and body and full of inspiration and resolutions.

Thank you sincerely T 

Re September 2020 mini-retreat

Hi Donald,

Thank you so much for Saturday. It was lovely.
I particularly loved the teachings on questioning ourselves and removing all of the social constructs that we can often feel burdened by. I think I will love yoga! J


Hi Don - the meditations I have undertaken here have been really good for me - a rank novice ! Can’t thank you enough! Really accessible! W

Dear Donald,

A quick note of thanks following our recent mini retreat – once again, a wonderful afternoon of yoga, reflection and relaxation. Your calm and caring approach is very welcoming and inclusive to all levels of experience (and flexibility!). These sessions are a great extension of our weekly classes, and I really enjoy the fun and engaging atmosphere you create. I always feel supported and confident to keep learning and trying!  

With thanks again, Jen.

Your Monday night Yoga sessions set me up for the week ahead – I get a great night’s sleep afterwards and feel like I can take what the week might bring! A

The genuine warmth and kindness of your retreats, especially the deep meditation, always leave me with a sense of peace, wellbeing and optimism. I really look forward to them. Thank you for your care.  LC

Dear Donald
It was an amazing afternoon yesterday.  So much to think about. You are so extremely kind and generous to us.  The Gratitude Journal is very inspiring and I mean to make this part of my life.  I love the Memory Jar thank you. I did enjoy it all and even my dodgy neck felt good after it.
Sincerest thanks. T

Thanks for today. The yoga, your thoughtfulness and your facilitation of depth of awareness.

Very nice. I found the alternate nostril breathing especially good. L

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