Two Traditions from very different times and places.

I think these texts speak for themselves. They speak about the heart within each of us. Within the soul there exists a hidden chamber which is outside time and space, and which transcends that part of the soul giving life and movement to the body. It is within this hidden chamber that we encounter divinity; it is there that we become utterly still, totally true to ourselves, completely detached from all material concerns. The atmosphere within that chamber is pure; within that chamber you are free from all bonds. God dwells, acts and rules within that chamber. Entering that chamber cannot be compared with any other aspect of your life, even the most devout religious observance. There you are

Mini-Retreat on Sunday 19th October

Our theme for the morning was pilgrimage. The practical part started with pranayama breathing to set the scene for the rest of the morning. What a great prelude to practice! We then moved on to asanas, a meditation using the ocean as a metaphor for our lives, and finally a yoga nidra. I love watching people relax!

Steps toward 2015

Well ... I have set the wheels in motion for my yoga classes in 2015. Have sent off the paperwork to the book the community hall in Bardon for Monday Nights. The class will be 80 minutes from 6pm until 7.20. I look forward to seeing you there to share the practice of yoga. Om Shanti.

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